Cheap Caravan Parking Spain

The parking/storage of your vehicle/caravan here at Cheap Caravan Parking Spain is both safe and secure 24 hours a day. All keys are kept in a locker safe and we have constant 24 hours recorded CCTV (with night vision and motion). We have the cheapest motorhome parking in Spain.
We accept your vehicle/caravan on short or long term basis. Prices depend on vehicle size and period of stay (please contact us for more info) If you wish, we can attempt to sell your vehicle on your behalf whilst it is in our storage as we advertise heavily in the local newspapers, magazines, outdoor and digital (adwords, social media and specific sites for trading vehicles in Spain). Contact us and  book motorhome parking in Malaga,Spain!

cheap caravan parking spain

Caravan Parking (long term basis)

49 monthly
  • 24/7 Security included

Motorhome Parking Malaga Spain

Big motorhome parking in Spain that provides this amazing service! There are many sorts of motorhome parkings to select from, therefore it’s imperative that you pick the parking that’s appropriate for you. Our caravan parking is just one of the only ones in Malaga to offer all these great features. We offer big, secure and cheap motorhome parking in Malaga.

Where to find us

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 10 am-20 pm

Saturday – Sunday  10 am-15 pm

About Camper Van Parking

Caravan parking Spain offers the passenger a caravan parking and especially in the case of smaller units, the second car is an advantage. They appeal to those who want a motor home in a small space. It is easy to use camper van parking because our parking has a lot of space and we are close to important roads. That makes it easier for travelers to open the road. Unlike a large motor home, it’s easy to automatically get off the road and take a break, a meal, and other activities without thinking much.


  • Vans are good multipurpose vehicles, whether as a second car, trailer or boat.

  • The van camp can go almost anywhere the largest vehicle cannot venture. If the primitive sites, the narrow roads, and the wind are where you want to go and explore, think of a small van.

  • Motor home parking Spain obtains a few kilometers of excellent gasoline for business trips.

  • Van campers have the advantages of a mobile home, so they do not have to leave the pit when they are ready for camp. The configuration is easy with a minimum of effort, unlike the towable caravan parking.

Camper van parking is suitable for those who want an easy-to-use platform that includes all the amenities offered by recreational vehicles in a small space. Always choose a platform because the size of the truck will be insufficient in the long term. Those who need a second car and love to go on weekends and other shorter camping trips will also find a small caravan car, an excellent option. The family with little children will find a minibus that is a great ally on the road.